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About Us

Who We Are

Stack and.co is a Dublin based recruitment company for Java developers. With over three decades of experience in the Irish technology market, and led by recruitment veteran Gerry Nolan, Stackand.Co's high-energy recruiters are highly experienced and extremely professional, with the drive and determination to secure positions that you need to achieve a rewarding career in companies that put their software team first.

What We Do

Stackand.Co provide recruitment services for the Irish Java software sector. We work with organisations and people who are, or have already transformed to Agile, Automation, Continuous Delivery and Integration (the distinctive DevOps culture), and our knowledge enables us to introduce you to people who can deliver instant value to your career.

How We Do It

Stack and.co invest heavily in supporting the technology community in Ireland. For example, we participate in the Dublin Java User Group and several other user groups and meetups which afford us the opportunity to get to know people personally. Aside from technology, we get you! We offer a unique service that is firmly seated on our values of respect, experience and service excellence which makes us one of the best choices of recruitment partner in Ireland.

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Job Seekers

We Get You

Your career is important to you and our recruitment team gets that. In fact, not only do they understand it, they place it as their overriding focus when helping you to achieve the most beneficial employment aligned to your skills and personal ambition. From the outset, we will take the pain out of your career change by treating you with respect. After an in-depth phone assessment to uncover your technical and personal requirements we will introduce you to companies that accurately match your career aspirations.

We Get Employers, You Get Jobs

Stackand.Co work with companies that empower their technology teams to embrace new technology and principles. Having presented live and potential career opportunities to you, upon your agreement Stackand.Co will confidently represent your application with integrity and confidentiality. Our consultants will go that extra mile to ensure that you stand out above the crowd using their superior presentation and management skills, thus significantly reducing the time you spend on searching for and securing your ideal career move.

You Get More!

Register or apply for a job with Stackand.Co today and receive priority invitations to the Dublin Java User Group, where you can join other software experts at events, hangouts, seminars and training days in their trendy Temple Bar venue. If you’re actively seeking a new position or just keeping an eye open for a progressive career move, get ahead by taking a look at our latest software and ops jobs which are available with Ireland’s most exciting employers this Springtime.

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War on Talent

We don’t need to state the obvious….but in case you’re under any illusion, we will! You’re In a sector where many companies have hiring requirements which means Java candidates have many choices.
Attracting AND SECURING the technology staff of your choice has never been harder. You simply no longer have the luxury of ‘tomorrow’ - every day that your team is under resourced you have delay, and your competitors stride ahead. In today’s era of the continuous delivery of software iterations, it’s sink or swim.

Your Alliance

Our recruiters understand that the success of your business depends on having the best people working with you today. That's why we are utilising our deep reach in the community by continually pre-screening and testing candidates and contractors who are looking for career opportunities both right now or in the very near future so we get the right IT professionals at precisely the right time. Our recruiters have excellent search skills, allowing them to source the people that employers need to gain competitive edge in their businesses. But our mission is not simply to identify and introduce superior software professionals to your business, it’s also about managing the process through to your chosen candidate starting and staying with you.

The Price You Pay

If you think recruitment is expensive, relax! At Stackand.Co, we are about working with companies that acknowledge the benefits of having the most talented people working in their businesses. That’s why we have removed the barrier of cost by sharing the risk with you without compromising value and service. If like many Irish-based companies, you’re finding it almost impossible to secure the Java professionals you need, then eliminate dead, unproductive time by leveraging our experts' attentive, professional and success- driven service.
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