About Us

Stackand.Co through our proactive search methods secure the best software engineers & developers in Ireland. We’re a one-stop partner for C-Level people in SME’s, and also complement Talent Acquisition teams in multinationals and scaling startups.

Whether re-hiring or growing your team, it’s a competitive talent market. There’s a lot of time invested in identifying and engaging suitable candidates only to turn down your offer. The need to uncover candidate motivations is paramount if you wish to cut costs by reviewing and meeting strong applicants who are more likely to join your business. And who are going to last!

Stackand.Co’s search and engagement processes means our clients save time and money by avoiding those candidates whose motivations are not clear. We’re so confident that our candidates will exceed expectations, we even offer up to 12 month payment and rebate terms.

Risky Business

The two most pressing concerns for hiring companies, is that of cost. We’ve never met a CFO who complains of a lengthy return on their company’ investment. But we’ve met plenty who do after they spend thousands and the hire leaves shortly afterwards.

Stackand.Co are revolutionising the recruitment industry by sharing this risk.

With our Starter Package (now available for any company!) the fee payment is spread across 12 months meaning you can invest working capital on onboarding and training instead, shortening the time to productivity.

No longer do you need to gamble several thousands of euro in one-hit only for your candidate to leave shortly after they start. With Stackand.Co’s starter package, if a candidate leaves at any time during their first year, the remaining portion of the fee leaves with them.

So if you’re still recruiting ‘the old way’ and paying ‘up-front’ fees, why not book an exploratory, no-obligation call with our founder, Gerry Nolan, to discover how we can help.


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