Lead Software Test Engineer

Job Type: Contract
Job Status: Cancelled
City: Midlands & Dublin
Positions: 1

Job Title: Lead Software Test Engineer


Skills Sought: Test Automation, Test Lead, Agile,Scripting – Python/Perl/Shell/Bash, Linux, Unix


Location: Midlands

Contract Rate:  Excellent Daily Contract Rate


Interview: Immediate


Contact: Gerry@Stackand.Co / +353 (0)1 209 1919



Enriching Careers – a Win-Win for Everyone


Undoubtedly, the foremost cornerstones on which software developers strive to build their careers include Training, Growth, Security, and Contribution. If, as a Lead Software Test Engineer, you are fortunate to land a job that provides all of these, then your working life will be completely satisfied.



Stackand.Co's over-riding aim is to introduce you to organisations that are focused on enriching the careers of their employees, so that personal growth is achieved and your contribution is recognised.

If you are an Software Tester with Team Lead skills with experience in Testing, Scripting and Linux who is also 100% devoted to continue along (or even find!) your pathway to a fulfilling career, please read on….



According to Gallup, nearly one third of people leave their job due to a lack of skill and knowledge training and responsibility – in other words, they see their career advancement as stagnant.


Of course, this can be reversed by changing employer, but the time you have invested  remains irrecoverably lost. Making the mistake of working in such a company 'once' is unfortunate; making it 'twice' is foolish.


At Stackand.Co, we work with companies that are not only prepared and committed to invest in training for every team member, they also recognise that corporate success is founded on human capital. This is why the majority of our advertised vacancies include a X-Train element and / or a career ladder step.


This particular company, a leading Opensource professional services client, is no different. In addition to the skills you will bring, they will provide both formal training courses and in-house training for all extra technical skills required.


Furthermore, being a part of this company will open opportunities in all things opensource in an Agile DevOps environment.



Growth and Security

The world is changing, and from a cultural point of view people are becoming more aware of ethical practices. They now demand to work with businesses that can provide a safe and secure environment that empowers growth. This company is strongly established with a management team who read like a whose who of the Irish technology sector, and is a leader with modern cutting-edge technologies like opensource in a DevOps and Agile environment.




Maybe you would like to make a difference in your children's world by contributing your software test lead experience – like the stakeholders in this business do!


Key Skills

Test Automation, Test Lead, Agile,Scripting – Python / Perl / Shell / Bash, Linux, Unix



So how does this all sound to you?


If you are picturing yourself as a valuable part of this new technical challenge in an innovative growth sector, you could be meeting our client very soon.


Ahead of then, I'd love to reveal the company and job details with you, and I am available at a time that suits you, so please reach out to me now so we can arrange a time to talk.


Gerry Nolan / +353 (0)1 209 1919