Full Stack Software Engineer

Job Type: Full time
Job Status: In-progress
Country: Ireland
City: Dublin
Positions: 1

Full Stack Software Engineer

This position with a Dublin based leading software client is part of their models team, which is responsible for developing robust and scalable services to enable cutting-edge financial applications. Models are implemented in a micro service architecture designed to support a variety of internal and external user applications. Our client is looking for developers who are interested in both software engineering and computation, with skills and experience including:

  • Object-oriented design patterns; languages including C#, C++ or Java; web frameworks like Microsoft MVC and angular.js; and relational and NoSQL databases.

  • Quantitative and modeling skills with an ability to learn techniques in numerical optimization, data mining, simulation, or model calibration.

  • Comfort with full stack software development, including computationally intense back-end development and service design, data storage and access models, enterprise level messaging patterns, and modern web development frameworks.

  • Proclivity towards refactoring and continuously improving OO code through agile development methods.

  • Testing skills including use of inversion of control, mocks, and stubs in unit testing and BDD testing frameworks like specflow and cucumber.

Additionally engineers on the models team work directly with operational teams, other software engineering and design teams, and the quant team comprised of Mathematics and Physics Ph.D.’s. Members of this team gain knowledge of  business and the mathematical models used in modern finance, and have the ability to deliver robust and scalable software meeting the needs of a variety of business users. The team has a strong core of existing developers who can help new members gain this knowledge.

Although not required, a typical successful candidate may have been involved in

  • Mathematical/quantitative competitions.

  • Open source development projects.

  • Advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science, engineering, or sciences.

  • R&D experience at the collegiate or professional level.

Our client’s technology stack is constantly evolving but currently includes .Net, ServiceStack, RabbitMQ, SQL-Server, ASP .Net MVC, angular.js, Memcached, Redis, various Amazon web services, unmanaged C code, Nvidia Cuda, and Python. We also use developer tools like Team City, Subversion, Specflow, Graylog, and Visual Studio. They have specialized design, database administration, devops, and IT infrastructure teams to allow software engineers to focus on software engineering.

Finally, our client works in a rapidly-changing, high-performance environment that relies on excellent communication and collaboration, so they look for people that are energized by being part of great teams, and looking to challenge themselves to learn new technologies and apply them to the technology stack.

Excellent salary, bonus, and package is on offer for this Dublin based Full Stack Software Engineer position.